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Teaching Writing: Lesson 3

One area of writing I’ve been meaning to touch on is how to continue to guide students in their progress. With the plan one day, write the next, students are able to use their time wisely in class, but there are still others who just don’t get the process yet or they simply didn’t read the required material, so their planning and writing time turns into unintentional reading time.

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Teaching Writing: Lesson 2

Using the take-your-time approach, you may wonder what sort of comments did I make that would require much thought, even deliberation. Please keep in mind that since this was the freshmen students’ first timed writing, I allowed a four-paragraph essay (an introduction, two body, conclusion). Through the 55-minutes, I did check in with them just about every 10 minutes for them to self-asses where they were at in the writing process.

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Teaching Writing: Lesson 1

IMG_3606.jpgFor my freshmen, and most students, second semester marks the challenging part of any curriculum – the main skills to be mastered that year are taught, causing a whirlwind of confusion and panic. Not only does this whirlwind make the rounds among students, but teachers a well.

I’ve been managing my migraines as best as I could with a chiropractor, medicine (just a simple blood pressure reducer) and exercising. But this week, the moment I started to read those essays, covering Mark Mathabane’s Kaffir Boy Part One, I realized this was not going to be a quick read through.

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