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WLTL 50th Anniversary

Click on the link to download a copy of the 50th Anniversary Yearbook

Teaching Writing: Lesson 1

IMG_3606.jpgFor my freshmen, and most students, second semester marks the challenging part of any curriculum – the main skills to be mastered that year are taught, causing a whirlwind of confusion and panic. Not only does this whirlwind make the rounds among students, but teachers a well.

I’ve been managing my migraines as best as I could with a chiropractor, medicine (just a simple blood pressure reducer) and exercising. But this week, the moment I started to read those essays, covering Mark Mathabane’s Kaffir Boy Part One, I realized this was not going to be a quick read through.

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At Milwaukee and Racine

IMG_2402At the corner of Milwaukee and Racine, in Chicago, a ghost bike honors fallen bicyclist Lisa Kuivinen, who was trapped and dragged to her death in 2016.


I had hopes that this short story would be part of a project called Intersections, which was going to be a display and book in memory of those who died from any sort of road accident through any art medium. Either there weren’t many entries or the project simply fell apart, but I was inspired to contribute a piece.

My husband works near the location of her death, so he suggested I look into the accident at that intersection.

Here’s the resulting story:

Even in the middle of August, when the heat index is supposed to reach over 100 degrees, there are those days when Mother Nature decides to give everyone a break from the oppressive temperatures. Melvin Perkins could care less about the weather; he’s more concerned with keeping the electricity paid for to keep his bride of three years along with their two-year-old daughter cool whenever they wanted. Carole has been out of work since decided that being a telemarketer wasn’t her thing; she choose homemaking instead.

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