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In the Lion’s Den

Since late September is the the midst of high school football season, my son was invited to spend an evening with the varsity athletes from my alma mater (soon to be his actual place of educational growth). I knew this night I needed to be with him. I knew this night he would be required to hang out with the older guys.

But I did not know that I would be in the thick of it…surrounded by not only all of these future football players, the entire varsity team, followed by the complete drumline…I was treated to an all-American pump up party.

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A Daughter’s Triumph Fueled by a Mother’s Determination

At a recent taekwondo competition, my daughter won it all. She placed third in board breaking. Second in forms. First in sparring. To close, she was awarded the grand champion. Yes, sorry, I am bragging a bit, but you see, she’s come a long way.

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