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Found Poems

A new collection of poems…like they just popped out of any book.

As I continue the poetry study with my juniors, I gave them yet another task in writing one. This time, it was not about themselves. Nor was it regarding a topic I assigned. It wasn’t a topic of their choice either.

After their daily reading time, I gave each student a book. A random, beat-up book I received from the library’s dead, discarded pile.

I started by showing them a sample of a found poem, explaining that it came from a book. Any book.

I grabbed one myself, about reincarnation, and directed them to skim through the words on the page. “Don’t worry about sentences. Don’t worry about finding meaning of the story or of an author’s point. Let the words spark your creativity.

“Once you find the right page…rip it out of the book.”

To my surprise, many students were terrified by this idea. So I demonstrated. Just like John Keating in Dead Poet’s Society when he instructs his students to tear out the introduction’s J. Evans Prichard’s article “Understanding Poetry.” Instead of these rips due to disdain, these were for art. They got it. They enjoyed it.

With a pencil, I showed students to now read for the words and phrases they may want to keep to compose their poem. Once these were decided, then they had to think about color and symbols and assembly of the picture that harbored their work. So they used the colored pencils, markers, construction paper, scissors, glue and their minds to determine the best way to showcase these words to make them one unit…completely independent from their original work.

Here are some examples:



Of course, my version:



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