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The Chain Poem

Like the red branch of leaves hinting at the pending fall, poetry exists in unlikely places.

In between my juniors’ study of poetry, I have them write. The next exercise required them time, about five minutes, and a topic, of their choice.
How much could be written during those five minutes?
You’d be surprised.
Then I gave them another two minutes to edit and revise their draft, along with discovering their title.
Here’s what a few students wrote:

“Dogs are the best “

Dogs are the best

They are sometimes big and sometimes small

They may bite and sometimes maybe even claw

but no matter what they are the ones who protects us all

They bark off intruders and bad vibes

They might chase away rats who plague are lives

They very much dislikes raccoons

who come out and mess with the garbage with the light from the moon

Dogs can be silly

They can wake you up with an inverted wet Willy

Dogs are much better then cats

which are mean and scowl

and it’s so adorable when a pup growls

Dogs are indeed the very best

They are above all of the pets.




Autumn is boring I would rather be in a hockey game scoring a goal,

It’s a bummer because it is not a hot and sunny like the summer,

Autumn is great it’s time for hoodie season

Autumn is great I know that’s the breeze is in

Autumn is perfect because it starts basketball season

Autumn is great leaves changing every season

Autumn is good because it symbolizes to me that football has started

Autumn is the greatest because of the feeling it gives me

The one of happiness and an odd warmth



As the 46th President of the United States YOU are trash

You can’t relate to any of the citizens in the states

You have a self proclaimed problem with yourself

You aren’t even a model citizen

You soak in greed and unawareness

You are a womanizer

You are a heartless Republican




Skinned knees, floor burns

Bruises all up and down your legs

One perfect pass to one amazing setter

Perfect set to one amazing hitter

Perfect kill can wins the game

Perfect serve can win a beautiful ace

You end up having  12 sisters

And one team that works together can make history


“No Life”

I need to get my life together

like getting a job I’m 17 omg

O mean I tried!

I filled out lots of applications but never got a call back

Oh well holiday seasons are coming up so I better get serious

I know They Gonna be hiring a lot of people , they are going to need the help

Then my mornings shaking my head!

I never want to get up

I never do my homework on time I need to work on that

It’s just sometimes I say forget it

Then I look at my grades and get depressed so I end up doing it.

School is just too much for me

To be honest I don’t want to go to college , but I wanna be something in life,

It’s just cost too much but whenever I get a job I can start saving.


“Growing Up”

I honestly don’t know how I feel

It’s like she never understands me

We lived together for 16 years and we never ever had a bonding moment

I’m so ready to move out of her house

But what would I do

Where would I go

I’m scared for the future but I’m so craving it so bad

I’m scared of talking to people but I want more friends

I’m scared of having a Horrible job dreading the fact that I have to wake up to go to it every morning

I’m scared of paying bills

I’m scared of life

But I want to grow up

I want to move out

Because I can’t stand living with my her

But she does everything for me

Yes I’m thankful but we don’t talk it’s like I live with a stranger who says hateful things

But I’m scared but excited

But at the same time

I don’t know how I feel

I wanna grow up…

but maybe I don’t


Here’s my version:

“My Other Kids”

I’ve taught those who caught on

I’ve taught those who would never nod

I’ve seen kids in handcuffs

I’ve seen kids face down when they’ve had enough

But they are all my kids…

Not my biological kids

These kids I get for 180 days

But they are mine

Those who make me beam with pride

And those who make me weep down inside

If I’m lucky, I may teach them for more than one year

As they leave me, I try not to shed a tear

Even 10 years later, I may not recall their name

But I will not stall when remembering if they are still the same

The same as when they were sitting in my classroom


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